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Health And Hygiene Tips


Please take some time to read these guidelines concerning dance and hygiene. Also, please be aware that these apply to everyone, and you should seriously consider if you're following all of these suggestions.


  • Treat ceili like a good workout!

    Ceili is much more vigorous than it may appear! Do what you would if you were doing an aerobic workout, such as:
    • bringing plenty of water
    • wearing proper shoes and clothing
    • stretching beforehand
    • resting (i.e. not dancing) when injured
    Here is a video that gives great "life hack" ideas, on all these and more, and is geared toward Irish (step) dancers.
  • Practice good general hygiene.

    As a rule of thumb, never underestimate the importance of general hygiene (i.e., having showered, brushed teeth, clipped your nails, used deodorant, put on clean and freshly laundered clothes, etc.). Social dance should be a pleasant and enjoyable activity for all, and nobody likes dancing with someone who has bad hygiene.
  • However, don't use excessive fragrance.

    Some people are very sensitive to perfumes and colognes, and others are allergic. Please don't wear these to ceili. Deodorant, on the other hand (or rather, on both armpits), is greatly appreciated!
  • Be mindful of eating while dancing.

    This doesn't mean that you can't eat at ceili, but you should freshen up your hands, face, and breath afterward.
  • Don't come if you're sick.

    Even if you don't think you're contagious, consider skipping ceili until you are well. In general, we should be cognizant of the well-being of everyone else at the dance. Health is our first priority!


Richard Powers has an excellent writeup with more tips on his social dance site.