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Performance Guidelines


These guidelines are not meant to be exhaustive. The guiding principle is that the performance organizer has final say. However, Stanford Ceili officers can override decisions when inconsistent with Stanford Ceili philosophy and goals. (If in doubt, ask the officers for clarification.)


Performer Qualification And Selection


Qualification criteria (starting with most important):

  • Be Intermediate level.

  • Know at least 6 Intermediate dances (at least 1 of which must be a jig).

  • Have decent technique (footwork, timing, control, etc.).

Selection criteria (starting with most important):

  • Satisfy above Qualifications.

  • Know figures used in performance choreography. (May not be relevant, or new figures may be taught for performance.)

  • Community involvement.


Organization Guidelines


Stanford Ceili is not a performance group, although performers may have prior performance experience. Expectations should be tailored appropriately.


Typically, there are only a handful of rehearsals before a performance, sometimes only 2 or even just 1. Try to organize early and quickly, and run rehearsals with punctuality and professionalism. Avoid wasting the performers' time.


If there is more than 1 rehearsal, make the final one a "dress" rehearsal, to maximize performers' confidence in their upcoming performance. In particular:

  • Do not change the choreography. No new figures; at most, tiny modifications, or "clean up" changes.

  • Practice the choreography until everyone is comfortable with it.

  • Practice in performance clothes.


Choreography Guidelines


Performances should primarily serve as advertising for Stanford Ceili (i.e. Irish ceili dancing at Stanford). Be aware of the message the performance sends regarding what Stanford Ceili is about — in particular, whether it will encourage new folks to come to Stanford Ceili sessions. "Fun" generally will; "complex" or "difficult" may not.


Performances should strive to showcase our style of Irish ceili dance. Other styles can be utilized if they do not dominate the performance.


Performances should generally make use of existing figures from ceili dances, to avoid giving an inaccurate picture. (Figures can be modified to be more visually appealing, or to accomodate different numbers of dancers.)


Choreography Authorship


Choreographies for Stanford Ceili performances will be owned by Stanford Ceili. Authorship will be written in choreography documents as:

Composed <date> by Stanford Ceili.

Choreography notes will be released under Stanford Ceili's "share-and-share-alike" Creative Commons license. This basically means that anyone can use or modify the choreography as long as they credit Stanford Ceili.