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  • President: Graham White (PhD 2017)

    The President manages the day to day operations of the club, including reserving rooms and organizing instructors. He is also involved in the organization of our St. Patrick's Day event.


  • Vice President: Ryan Linehan (PhD 2020)

    The Vice President manages Stanford Ceili's performance schedule, coordinating with performance venues and the performers within the group.


  • Financial Officer: Sara Sheffels (BS 2016, MS 2017)

    The Financial Officer manages Stanford Ceili's funds, including requesting money for large events. She also organizes the annual St. Patrick's Day event.


  • Webmaster: Calista Bernard (PhD 2020), Bob Carragher

    If the Webmaster's doing her job, you should be able to read all the information we have to offer right here.


  • Staff Advisor: Elena Zaurova


For a list of past officers, look here.