Stanford Ceili Banner (photo credits: Rebecca Chung, Lucas Garron, Laura Kwong)


Why Licensing?


The one-line summary is: we want everyone to dance these dances!


Stanford Ceili depends on the efforts and generosity of countless generations of dancers before us, creating new dances and passing them on freely so that others, like us, can dance them. This is how folk dancing works. We would not exist without these dances! And in that same spirit of generosity, we want to pass on these and any dances we create.


That is what this licensing is about: so that people know they can use these dances, and that we want them to pass the dances on just as freely.



Using Our Dances


You are free to use the dance choreographies listed on the "Our Dances" page, subject to the Stanford Ceili license.


Dance choreographies listed as "Traditional version" (such as The Three Tunes) are in the public domain, and may be freely used.


All other dance choreographies are owned by Stanford Ceili, or their listed authors, and are subject to the Stanford Ceili license, which is the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0). For a summary of the terms, see this page. For the full legal terms, see this page.