Stanford Ceili Banner (photo credits: Rebecca Chung, Lucas Garron, Laura Kwong)




Stanford Ceili ceased operations after its final regular session (2019 December 3). See here for details.



About Us


Stanford Ceili began in the summer of 2010. (For more on our history, click here.) We are an official Stanford University student dance group open to all: we welcome new and experienced dancers from Stanford and the wider Bay Area community. We practice every week in a lovely hall with wooden floors. Our emphasis is on social Irish dancing and fun, although we also occasionally perform (see "Regarding Performances" below to learn more).


To encourage a positive and casual environment, we do not require any commitment from our members, and we always welcome drop-ins. But of course we would love to have you dance us every week if possible! Our lessons are very hands-on, with mostly dancing and little standing and watching, so be prepared to be jumping and moving. (Check out our tips on dance Health and Hygiene.)





We occasionally hold "dance-only" sessions, such as on the 5th Tuesdays of the month. For these ceilis, we alternate between dances for everyone and dances taught previously. That makes these ceilis an excellent opportunity for new dancers to experience Irish dancing without needing to take classes first. They also give members a chance to practice dances learned earlier and have even more fun!


We also hold events, such as our annual St. Patrick's Day ceili. See our events page for more information on upcoming (and past) events.



Regarding Performances


While Stanford Ceili is primarily a social dance group, we do get occasionally invited to perform at various dance events. Our performances draw heavily on dances we learn in our regular Tuesday sessions, so we expect that members interested in performing will work on proper footwork and become familiar with our choreographies, and thus should attend sessions regularly. In addition we rehearse outside of our usual Tuesday evening time, and performers are expected to commit to rehearsals.



How To Perform With Us


If you are interested in performing, please talk to one of the instructors after the lesson or email us at, and read our performance guidelines. We also send announcements to the mailing list about upcoming performance opportunities as they come up.