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Welcome to Stanford Ceili, the only ceili Irish dance group in the South Bay! Join us for weekly social dancing, open to anyone! Drop-ins are always welcome!


When: Tuesdays 7-9pm, Thursdays 8:30-10:30pm (year-round)

Where: Rains Hacienda Commons (map) at Stanford University.

Where: (See bottom of this page!)

Cost: Free!


Ceili dance is much like the step dancing seen in Riverdance but far more casual and danced in sets (similar to contra). Absolutely no prior dance experience is required, we love beginners! We will teach all the basic steps, and build to more intermediate choreographies.


Information on classes and sessions can be found here.


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Stanford Ceili has gone "NOMADIC"


We are not dancing in Hacienda Commons this quarter. (The days and times have not changed, however.) Our location will change from session to session. (We will remain on Stanford campus.) Please use the table below to determine where we are dancing that night. (Details will be provided through the mailing list.)


DateLocation (Map)Notes
2016 Sep 27 (Tue) BCSC Community Room
2016 Sep 29 (Thu) Roble Gym, Studio 115 No street shoes!